Modern electric at beginning and end. Vocals are more folky harmonized and the middle solo is a mandolin.

Guitar = Custom made Casper Guitar Technologies.
Mandolin = Eastwood Mandocaster (electric)
Boomerang E-155 Chorus*Delay pedal (clearest, most transparent delay I've ever used!)
SolidGoldFX Superdrive
Vibesware Guitar Resonator (used for odd feedback and sustain sounds, obvious in intro bars)
Egnator Rebel-30 amp head


Lie down on the middle ground,
When both sides seem enslaved.
A sheep-skinned Libertarian,
Who rides the common wave.

When you see the Seven Seas,
You’ll want to see some more.
Then a wave comes crashing in,
And washes you ashore.
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I wanted to add that I used Timber Tone picks... made from non-endangered trees (scraps from furniture manufacturers, etc.). They give a nice feel and vibe to playing without the transient clicks found with metal, plastic or acrylic picks. I use the really hard picks for a sharper attack and the softer ones for a mellower tone.