Hey guys,

Ive been looking into getting a "lunch box" type amp head(want a small set-up). The
Dual Terror DT30H is almost perfect! but i didn't see an effects loop and that could be a deal breaker for me. Could someone tell me for sure if its does or not, or offer me an alternative
similar to the DT30H

I have a avatar g112 w/Celestion Vintage 30 coming soon so i need a head asap!
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Quote by beckyjc
It doesnt have an FX loop.

The TH30 is a mile ahead of the DT imo, but isnt really a lunchbox head.

The dark terror has an FX loop.

Im not sure what to consider the little heads lol,
but yeah completely agree with you, not feeling the DT
Ibanez RG1527M Prestige
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was gonna say a Vox NT15H but just remembered that hasn't got an FX loop either. =/ sorry bro'
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night train 50 has extra gain on the girth channel and loop
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anyone know about the mesa boogie transatlantic?

Edit: HA! nvm
Ibanez RG1527M Prestige
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What sort of music do you play? Budget? Where in Jersey are you, might be able to find you something good used.
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I think im just going to get the Dual Terror anyway,
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don't settle on something that doesn't do what you want it to do!!!
what part of new jersey do you live in so we can scour craigslist?
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Surely if you like the Dual Terror the TH30 would be worth a look, seeing as it does have the effects loop that your looking for, I know it's not as compact and small but it still may be worth checking it out. From what I remember as well, there really wasn't a price difference between the two, I could be way out though.