I really like jazz, but I also really like bands like spastic ink, porcupine tree, primus, opeth, freak kitchen, zappa, guthrie govan, planet x, meshuggah and megadeth.

What type of guitar should I get? Hollow? Semi-hollow? Chambered? Solid Body?

Also, how much truth do you guys think there is to the whole 24 fret guitars place the bridge pick up in the wrong place thing? I haven't ever played a 24 fret guitar so I can't comment.

As far as budget goes, Im only dreaming at this stage, but I'd probably want to have 2 - 3 grand aside before I started looking.
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The supposed problem with a 24 fret is the neck pickup location, not the bridge; some people say there's a benefit to having the pickup under the 24th fret harmonic location. I say it's bullshit.

There's a difference between what you like to listen to and what you realistically expect to play. Also, what do you have for an amp? If you're going to spend a chunk of money, having a really versatile amp, such as an Egnater or a higher end Boogie like the Road King or Mark V, is going to be better than trying to get a do-all guitar.
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Jazz is a lot closer to the other bands you listed than you think. Usually if you like 2 or more things that you think are completely different, there's usually a reason why, and they're usually not that different once you get down to it.

Anyway, considering the range, I'd recommend a solid body. But really, you just need to get out there and try as much stuff as you can. Find out for yourself what guitar(s) are right for you, which ones feel right in your hands.

Also keep in mind that your overall tone is going to come from a combination of your guitar, your amp/other gear, and your playing abilities. The guitar itself doesn't have a whole lot to do with tone compared to the other two, so when you're out looking, concentrate more on how the guitar feels in your hands than how it sounds.
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I think a fender american stratocaster would be a great guitar for your needs. They're very versatile guitars.