Evo 2's a great pup, but is there some kinda eq miniswitch or push pull pot i could put on my ibanez to give it some power chord power? like a bass eq booster. just to give it a bit more power... i'm sure this thread would be helpful to a lot of us
If you're looking for something like that from DiMarzio, the answer is no. There May be something inofficially somewhere.. I have a feeling though that the Blaze pickups might be something for you instead perhaps...?
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i tried them, and they where ok. unofficially would be fine. i'm not one of idiots that can only buy dimarzio products. I'm almost positive that theres something out there that boosts bass and maybe cuts treble or mid.
Isn't there a knob like that on most Reverend guitars? You could look into that, and see what it would take to install one, or something like it, in your Ibanez.
I checked them out and is it the blues switch? a link would be much appreciated and other suggestions.
I suppose you could try an onboard preamp. They are far more popular with electric basses, but some companies still offer them for guitars. Try Aguilar. They make a lot of them for basses. They probably have one or two for electric guitar.
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