Is it possible to train my voice to not die off when singing. i want to shoot for like a Rome Ramirez sound i guess because i cant think of any non-hard rock or metal singers who have low voices.
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Johnny Cash and Elvis would be a good place to start for acoustic + low voice.

Actually, as much reviled as it is by many here, for low voices with acoustic guitars, country has a lot of good bets.

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Tom Morello's got a pretty low voice when it comes to his Nightwatchman stuff, check that out
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Leonard Cohen's voice lurks around (and frequently dips below) the lowest notes on a guitar, and the majority of his output is either acoustic or easily replicable with just acoustic guitar & voice, so I'd recommend listening to him for some inspiration on how to make the low voice/acc gtr combination work.
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Start a new genre, opera metal.

That's not a new genre.. anyone lacking the proper name for the genres I listen to would call it that. (example)

Anyway your voice will always "die off" as you reach the ends of your range, but with long-term practice you can extend your range just a bit. Range is something you need to accept, but at the same time not "trap" yourself in.

Also personally I get tired of hearing the argument of "I can't sing this style with my voice type because there are currently no famous singers with this voice type in this style."

For one, it just isn't true.. I am a soprano singing metal music. Ok, I'm not famous, but actually there are lots of famous sopranos (albeit most are mezzo) singing in metal music (in classical/opera style, which I enjoy). I've heard some fairly low male metal vocalists as well. (though I think you're specifically referring to acoustic stuff)

Why be like everyone else? Things that stand out are things that are different! When everything sounds the same it gets lost. So embrace that you are a bit different for what you want to do! It could very well make the difference of being recognized and not.

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