I like the sound you get. Good quality, Real catchy and technical riffs. Excellent playing. Drums go well, but seem a bit drowned out by the guitar tracks. Love this track. The leads seem to drift throughout the piece (like I can't seem to hear them to their fullest and get drowned out a bit by the other instruments). Amazing track though. Enjoyed listening.

Thanks for the critique too!
Cool piece, I enjoyed the whole feel of it.

Might just be my laptop's speakers though, but it sounds like the master track is pumping all over the place.
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This is definately good! Interesting rhythm, and very interesting melodies. Changes from half-bitter to quite happy with the melodic work. The escalating soloes in the mid-section would remind me more of Beethoven than old In Flames, which this also reminds very much of. I believe the sound is very bassy. It is very tightly played, and everything is clear in the way that you can hear what is played. Although, it has a very "drowned" sound, you can say. The bass is loud, so the guitars should in my opinion have more treble and middle.

Another very good thing about the song, is it's sound. It sounds like an old metal record from the 90's.
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Even in the very beginning this got me. It sounds great, the melodies are catchy and riffs technical, which makes it interesting for me.
Allthough the drums reminded me of some emocore tracks (I don't know why) this song is enjoyable. I can't figure out almost any cons, but I hardly heard the bass track. Might because I'm listening through my laptop. I just simply liked it very much. Good job.
this is unlike anything i've heard, real great, it's awesomely happy like said in my comment to the video! There are so many riffs and crazy good melodies that I can't even catch up. freakin cool.

How much did you tweak the Steven Slate program to get it to sound like this? I'm thinking of buying it is it easy to get good metal sound?

Wow man this is so happy at times! that break around 1:12 is pretty awesome in a toe tapping sense. The guitar work is clean and technical Id suggest raising the High's and Mids on the guitar The rhythym is a little drowned out and the bass seems to interfere with the other instruments. This could be in a videogame haha. Id say clean up the intro a little bit its hard to understand and work a little on the mix. Congrats though u have a great song here
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How much did you tweak the Steven Slate program to get it to sound like this? I'm thinking of buying it is it easy to get good metal sound?

Yeah I tweaked it a bit. I basically knew nothing about drum production before, but followed the guide in this link and it sorted me out. I do really like SSD, sounds great out of the box, but a bit of EQ-ing here and there just gave it that little extra, especially made the kick drum cut through better. I'd definitely recommend it.

Btw, that link has a really good link about mixing guitars as well.
This is cool, like everyone else is saying, it's really happy which is something pretty unique in metal songs, they normally convey rather different emotions. The guitar melodies you play are really awesome, this is an example of a track that really doesn't need vocals, the guitars convey all the feeling anyway. Your lead playing is very clean which makes the song sound professional and I like the odd sort of grooves that you have, they stop the song getting boring. Overall, a really good song. Would appreciate a review of my track:

The rhythm guitar tracks seem to be smothered a bit, like the compression is over working itself. The leads are a bit low in the mix, I struggle to hear them most of the time. The actual playing is great, The riffs I dont find so unusual like most everyone else, its the melodies over them that make the riffs unique I think, which also makes the track more catchy.

An odd atmosphere for a metal song indeed, but its seems to be working great. The mix is a bit compressed, but thats an easy fix really.
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I like the decidedly major feel to the song, it sounds great and something I have a hard time doing is writing good metal riffs in major keys. Most metal songs make me want to ride into battle swinging a mace, but this one brings to mind images of the after-party to the battle, where everyone is drinking and having a great time. The drums do sound a bit thin though, but maybe that's what you were going for, I dunno. The guitar tones sound really polished, I definitely admire your tone in this song. I'm interested to know what you use to record your songs.
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The guitar tones sound really polished, I definitely admire your tone in this song. I'm interested to know what you use to record your songs.

Right, my guitar is an ESP LTD M100-FM, and I record it DI through my interface (Sonar Power Studio 660).
Plugins I use: Tube Screamer's Secret > Lepou Lecto > Voxengo Boogex (with some impulses I downloaded from the Andy Sneap forum at Ultimate Metal) > Sonitus EQ
Haha wow this song is awesome. The tone on the guitar is great, really great. The songwriting is blowing my mind, its so damn catchy. The soloing is extremely good, it just sounds plain awesome.

There's not much here to hate. Please keep writing intense music like this, =D.
While listening to this I remembered your previous song because of your style. That doesn't happen often so it shows you've got something original and unique.

The track is a bit busy and noisy to just jump into as a standalone listen, as we have to do here. You'd have to work the mood up with other songs beforehand in a live gig or on record. Overall it was a fun listen. As before, the Celtic sound makes it very cool. Your playing is spot on.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1482397

EDIT: You got there before me! I know you just listened to Imhotep's Revenge. The link is to a slightly older song.
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Sounds good dude! Has a sort of Paul Gilbert happy vibe to it! Nice playing too and interesting choice of melodies.

My only criticism would be the guitar & bass mix. The tones great but there's some masking going on causing the guitars parts to blur into bass on certain notes. Sounds like there's a little too much low mid energy. Take a look around 220 - 380Hz, it's somewhere around there by the sound of it.. Nothing a little cut wouldn't fix

Good work otherwise dude!
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Amusingly enough, it makes me think of half of my classical music collection. It's all very well put together and it flows spectacularly. The time signature/tempo/key changes keep it driving very nicely.

The only negative thing I have is that the guitars seem a bit too compressed. Other than that, you did a really fantastic job on this. Maybe it could be a bit longer (I was sad when it ended lol).
Yeah, the guitars are a little bit too compressed, other than that, its AWESOME AS HELL, and HAPPY AS HELL, loved the songwriting and tones, especially the drums.

Now I need some money to buy myself the SSD Platinum edition =(
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I got your comment on my song, so here goes:
Practice the timing, with a metronome! The guitars are noticeably off for a lot of it, and with as many complex rhythms as this song has, you'll need to make sure every note is where it should be.
Production-wise, the whole thing is too compressed. The guitar tone is okay, and the bass has that old-school tone to it, where it sticks out for the higher notes, but reinforces the rhythm guitars when it has to, and that's great.
As far as songwriting, this is gold. Points for using a major key for metal and somehow pulling it off. It almost sounds playful. I might have to try doing something like that.
Very groovy, reminds me of something Tosin or Bulb might do. I'm digging the melodies, and the leads are badass, but they could shine out more. Overall mix is pretty compressed, but other than that this is tit!
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I always enjoy metal that's written with this type of 'happy' fell to it! It's more unique and definitely something that would be difficult for me to write.

Loved the lead playing, really catchy and tasteful! I especially enjoyed the bass and I'd like to get my mixes like this where the bass comes through nice and clear.

Mix wise it sounds very good, although I'm only getting to listen to it on computer speakers. (That's a good sign though if it sounds good on here)

Overall, very well done and keep em coming!
Sorry for returning the crit so late.

Pretty cool piece here. It kinda reminds me of a lot of different bands, I can hear a bit of The Syncope Threshold and then like a little Iron Maiden at points, just because of the galloping rhythm moments. Don't think I've heard such a happy metal song in quite a while. The riffing is pretty good in general and it all flows really well together. The cross melodies work really nicely, like around the 1 minute mark. The song has a good feel to it all the way through.

The playing seems a little out of time in the intro though, maybe it's just me, because the rest of the song seems fine. Tight playing by the way, slightly technical stuff at some points. But your guitar tone is really good, and the bass sounds really nice especially when it does that short scale run with the other guitars. I'm not sure how much I like the song though. Like, it's a great song, there's nothing wrong with it really, it just doesn't quite suit my taste. Feels a little too cheesy. But great job though man.

I know you critted my song already, but if you don't mind, you think you could also tell me what you think of one of the pieces I've written myself? Either https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1478979 or https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1478621 Cheers
Dude i liked this alot. Very cool how the emotions changed. It was damn heavy, happy, and catchy. Thats somthing thats hard to pull off. Is it 7 string?

Anyway, please leave a comment on my original prog metal song: