Few things I've been working on lately. Mostly Post Rock and Post Hardcore with some Progressive elements. All not very subtly about a TV show.
Sometimes the midi fails and clips, too much going on. If that happens just click on where it went wrong and go start from there.
C4C as usual.
St Claires.zip
The Observers.zip
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

I do not really have much of a crit. But this is awesome. At some points certain bars were repeated too much and certain motifs became a tad stale. They were both really good songs. Good job!
Listening to St. Claire. Ambient intro is cool, I like whatever is playing the melody (Bells? Xylophones?). Distorted guitar kicks in appropriately and gradually builds the intensity with the help of the toms and the keyboard that are introduced. Sounds like an epic march now.

Ahem, back. My crappy computer wouldn't permit me to listen to your music with Firefox open. Anyways, after listening to it, overall the mood you create is thorough and interesting, but my one gripe is that it sounds to me that there was really only one mood throughout the song that just intensified and then decrescendo'd, so to speak. It felt like it was leading up to something massive, but build up was so long that the massiveness didn't seem that massive compared to the build up.

Anyway good work overall, like the arrangement of instruments you compose with.

C4C? You can pick one below.
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