I just bought an online download of steven slate drums EX. I followed the instructions completed and i'll go ahead and repeat what i've done so far.

I put all the files on my 500 gig external drive as suggested, I ran the installer, I copied the nkx files Ex_001, Ex_002, Ex_003, into a folder i created in the "steven slate drums ex library" folder named "Samples".

I did NOT install Kontakt 3 because i already have kontakt 5 installed.

HEre's what i'm getting.

When i run Kontakt independently, Steven Slate Drums EX DOES show up along with the factory selection icon. When i open the instruments, multis, v-drum and keyboard kits i can see the file names.

When i run kontakt in my DAW (Reaper), I see the same things. HOWEVER, when i go to load the multi i want one of two things happens.

1. When i run it from the "keyboard" section, nothing happens. The window pops up to shwo that it's loading in the kit but nothing loads at all. It just acts like its frozen but its not.

2. When i try to run form the "Vdrums" section a window pops up saying missing samples.

I already tried to go into kontakt and i've done this to try and resolve the issue.

I hit options and i went to the "Database" tab. I saw that it had The kontakt factory selection show up in the window so i clicked on "Add" and added the "Steven slate drums library" folder.

It still isn't working.

Help would be much appreciated.



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