I've just seen a Gibson Studio faded for £600 and a Gibson special faded SG for £550. Is this right? If so i'm very surprised. If any of you have played any of these guitars what're they like compared to the original standards of the models? I just literally found this out and i'm really shocked! A Gibson at this price!?!?
Sounds about right - assuming it's a Les Paul Studio, they're designed to be cheaper models than the Standard Les Paul.

SGs are generally cheaper than Les Pauls, but don't know the models etc to know if that is particularly cheap or not.
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Yep that's right,They are cheaper because of the finish on the bodies aren't coated as many times as they are on the Standard models and because of little details like no Binding on the neck etc...Still great guitars tho.The SG's and Les Pauls sound great in my opinion maybe it's because the body isn't smothered in lacquer.
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I have the gibson sg special, and I found them to be very inconsistent between guitars of the same model. Like I played three before mine, and some were really bad, others were better. But mine was great, almost perfect in fact. I've played a few standards too, and they're very good, but not my thing exactly.
TBH i prefer my high-end epiphone LP to the Gibson Studios. Gonna get a traditional or standard in a couple of years and miss the Studios out.
Yup, you're reading correctly.
I think they are a really great value and I love how they feel.