I'm a broke teenager and I noticed this while looking around. I already have a PH-3(which I adore), but I love the Bd-2 and I've been looking for a Flanger. I play jazz at school but I mostly play stuff like Blink-182, Green Day, Sum 41. So the question is, should I get them all? (I play bass too, so why not get the eq if I'm doing this)
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What amp and guitar have you got?

At the moment i have a crappy Crate G212 and my Ibanez AS73B. Saving for a Vox Ac15 in the near future.
Those pedals are doodoo. Graba new amp first.
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Thank you all <3 for pushing me away from this. I always get distracted from saving for the amp. >.< When I do get a flanger, which one should I get?