So I was looking at the Marshall Haze 15 the other day at a music shop and i didn't get a chance to play it. It will be a wile before i can go back and mess around on it. What i was wondering is if anyone has played this amp or can tell me if this is my best bet on an amp with the Marshall sound and crunch for this price range? I also want an amp i can carry with me back and forth to my friends house and the micro stack would be great for that. I will be playing mostly at bedroom levels but sometimes a bit louder when i get to ether with my friend and jam.

I also love the AC30 sound but its a heavy amp to lug around and i hear it doesn't sound good at bedroom levels.
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To be honest, I played the amp and thought it was awful. The cleans were okay I guess but the distortion/ overdrive on it sounded like ass. It sounded like static. I played it for about 10 minutes, trying to get a good sound (with a Gibson Les Paul) and it just wasn't happening. But, that's my opinion. You should still try it.

My recommendation would be an Orange Tiny Terror. Not very versatile, but it is a nice little amp. I've played with a drummer with it and another guitarist and it was easily loud enough. Great little amp if you don't need much.