Hello Ug,

So I'm looking at buying a new distortion pedal in the $100- 250 region. I'm currently using a boss ds1 and or a vox saturator pedal as dist box with a boss eq pedal in the fx loop of a marshall haze 40W and a jackson king V as guitar. I especially like the satchurator but I'd also like to have a pedal wich can give me more low end growl and or gain to my sound wich I find lacking with the satch pedal. I would like it to be true bypass or decently buffered. Also looking at buying an Xotic fx AC booster if that helps. So what pedal would you recommend for me?

Thank you in advance.
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triple wreck has low end and gain
dr scientist the elements has gain, not sure about low end, but has bass knob, three clipping styles
low end most likely hardwire metal

however, i wouldnt rule out a green rhino od for low end and drive to a haze drive channel
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