A song by my band:


It was professionally mixed and mastered, and is going to be on our first cd! Let me know what you think! I played all the guitar parts - this is the version without a solo so sorry, I don't get to show off my shredding
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Is this amazing? Could it be?
This newly posted mp3

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I am very satisfied with this! Although it is not that musically advanced, or musically masterful, it is proffessional, and something almost anyone can like. My rock foot kept stumping throughout, and the best part's gotta be the vocals.

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Holy shite this is good. Get this on the radio.

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Good stuff here man, especially on the guitars and vocals. Structure-wise it was quiite predictable but pulled off well, mostly due to the interesting arpeggios and strong vocal hook. The levels on the mix are good but I'd say the whole thing lacks any real muscle on the lower end (though I'm guessing that's not your fault).

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