I've read that the gibson 490r and the 498t pickups have the abbility to coil split. Also have read the gibson burstbucker pro coil splits to. My question is that if the les paul studio faded has the burstbucker, and the gibson sg standard has the 490 and 498 can these guitars use the coil splitting abbilities of the pickups.
the pickups that come stock in gibson guitars are usually the 2 conductor version and cannot be split.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Well, to my knowledge the stock gibson pickups (what you get in the guitar). are just two conductor wired. For using coil split and other features you need 4 conducter wiring (aftermarket gibson PU's).
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This is a good one, the FACTORY installed 490R is a two wire lead; however Gibson does offer an aftermarket one in there store that has the four wire lead. As far as I know the 498T should be a four lead though, they dont make any mention of it on the Gibson site being two lead in factory installed guitars like the 490R.

And not all Gibson's have two wire pickups from the factory, my Explorer is loaded with a 496R and a 500T and both are four wire leads.