Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted, but I come to you with a question; I have an LTD Alexi 600, in white with solid black pinstripes (the older one, where there were saw tooth inlays and solid pinstripes instead of the outlines they have now). When I was changing the strings on it today, I noticed that the white seemed to be much more of a cream color. I'm pretty confident it wasn't the lighting, since I looked at it in every room of my house an even outside. It's definitely darkened slightly. Now, whenever I'm not playing it, I keep this guitar on wall mount in my room, and during the day, the sun goes directly on to the guitar. After a whole summer of basking in the sunlight, I have a feeling that it's affected the guitar's coloring. To be honest, I like the way it looks in more of a cream color, but I just want to know if it's the sun that's affecting the guitars color. What say you?

TL;DR does sun hurt your guitars painting?
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its become an aged white, like Olympic white, rather than arctic...

But yeah, the sun did alter the finish..but you cant sue the sun for damages..soo...
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The sunlight probably hastened an inevitable color shift. A white finish will shift to cream over time no matter how you store it due to the interaction of chemicals in the paint over time. Ultraviolet light speeds things up.
as wat everyone else says, the sun is changing the colour slightly, same thing happened to my lp, left it in the sun for a quite a while, took the pickguard off to notice that the colour had changed
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This will happen overtime naturally, but constant exposure to UV light will hasten the effect. Nothing to really be worried about, your guitar is just getting that vintage aged look people pay a lot of money for!