So I know that soundcards make a big difference in recording quality.. I have two computers I can use for recording, a new laptop and an old computer. I'm sure the laptop has a better soundcard but I could be wrong anyways. I can't find any information on the manufacturer's website and I don't have any manuals.

Which one do would you guess has a better soundcard?
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If you laptop is more then 6 months newer then your PC, then the laptop will be strides better. It only takes about 6 months for computer products to be superceeded by something better.
Go into the sound settings on your computer from the control panel and go to the recording options or playback options. From there you should be able to see what setting the sound quality can go up to.

For example, on windows 7, you go:

Control Panel
Playback tab -> select the playback device with a green check (this should be your current sound device)

It's not the same with all systems or sound cards, but that should point you in the right direction

You should be able to select audio quality rates. The better one will have better numbers. That's the simple, anyone can do it way of finding out what sound card is better.
It won't really make a difference anyway. The CPU is the limiting factor for recording with any kind of onboard sound.

A desktop makes more sense, since you can set it up permanently as a recording pc, ideally with a basic, stripped down version of windows (TinyXP is great). Depends how old it is though.