Hi guys, I'll include this so I don't get any flak.

Budget:$0-$800 CAD

Genres: We play mostly progressive metal, think Mastodon, Tool, Opeth etc. Crystal cleans aren't absoultely necessary, but they should be passable for that sort of music.

New or Used: Doesn't matter, just give me a model and I'll look into it.

Home or Gig: The sole purpose of this amp will be to play with my drummer in our practice space. I'm tired of carrying around a head and cab all the time. So, not for gigs but it needs to be loud enough for a band setting.

City: Calgary, Alberta Canada

Current gear: Check the sig. I have also acquired a vintage LP studio with p-90s since I last updated it, but it doesn't get used much at band due to the hum of the single coils. The Classic 30 is getting pretty old, so it doesn't really hold up being carted around and played loud, it's a home amp now.

This amp needs to be a combo, and the weight is definitely a factor. I have no qualms with using boosts and such, but it would be awesome if I didn't need to cart around a whole pedalboard to get a passable sound.

I paid $700 at Long and McQuade for my 15W Class A Marshall Haze head and one cab. If your not stuck on a combo I would say look at this beast, it does a lot and its not that hard to carry around I have moved both the cab and the head at the same time myself. Its not overly huge either since its a "lunchbox" head and a single 1x12 cab but its loud and proud man, my buddy just got his today after I sold him on mine :P They clean up fairly well but they can get dirtier then a downtown Vancouver hooker, so much gain on tap, I have yet run it out of its boundaries and I generally dont run any pedals into it unless its something required like a Wah or the sorts. I keep a MXR Wylde OD (its the same as the GT:OD) plugged into it and when turned on with the amp on a dirty channel I kinda feel like Zakk when I let the squealies fly.
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versatile amp, yet you only play one guitar style? wut?

Thanks for the insight!
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The price is definitely right on this one. I know this is a really cliche question but do you know if it has enough low end to play the chunky metal riffs? I just don't want it sounding tinny. I'm liking everything else I hear on it.
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Canada, eh? Go Traynor used, especially for Mastodon/Opeth/Tool. Mastodon and Opeth both use British voiced amps, Adam Jones uses Diezel, Marshall and Mesa to get his tones, so it's gonna be tough.

I also suggest looking at the Laney VC50, used.
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