Hi guys,

Long story short- I'm selling my drag car dirt cheap because I want to buy a house ASAP. I moved from CT to SC (USA) in August and was not able to bring the car with me due to space and time constraints (not space-time, but space and time)

Anyways, the car is located in CT. It IS meant to be a drag car, but if you live in a state without emissions requirements you should be able to get it registered. Just be smart and SAFE.

I have $50,000 invested in it since 2009, and regrettably I was never really even able to use it:

August-October 2009: Built engine
October 2009: Dyno break-in, immediate winter storage
March 2010: Taken by trailer out of storage, back to garage
April-November 2010: Built custom turbo kit, fuel system, suspension, chassis
November 2010: Dyno tune, fell short due to ignition issue, immediate winter storage
March 2011: Drove from storage back home
April-June 2011: Upgraded ignition, transmission, etc, drove home and there it sat
July 2011: Put back in storage

See how much use it got? Those 884 miles were mostly gentle highway just for the sake of moving it back and forth. It has never seen its full potential.

2000 Mustang GT - YN Silver, 4R70W Auto, California Car

ENGINE - 884 miles, dyno break in at low power, GENTLE use since then
Modular Performance 334ci Shortblock
Diamond MP 11.5cc dish pistons rings, H13 Pins
Oliver Billet Rods
Kellogg Crankshaft
Federal Mogul bearings
Navigator 5.4l block bored 0.020" over
ARP Hardware
MMR Billet oil pump HE Pickup - cryo teflon coated
Max Motorsports extreme duty oil filter relocation kit
Moroso oil water block adapter plate
2x stainless steel water lines
JEGS 2-pass radiator, recessed in support
Auxiliary 2-pass trans cooler
Trick Flow 44ci 2v heads
MMR Felpro Headgaskets
MMR Engine Gasket Set (FMS, OP, etc)
SFI Flexplate
TFS Followers
Modular Performance Custom FI Cams (I have the card)
Comp Cams Adjustable Cam Gears
ARP Headstuds
TFS 5.4 2v Timing Set
MSD Blaster COPs
NGK TR6 Sparkplugs
Meziere Electric Water Pump Relay
ATI Super Damper
FRPP Lightning 2v Lower Intake Manifold
MMR Sheet Metal Intake Manifold Upper for 105mm TB
Wilson 105mm TB
PA Performance Alternator
MR Gasket Open Air Vents
Silver powdercoated valve covers timing cover

Various deleted components for weight reduction (vehicle weight = 3100lbs)
EGR, A/C system, Hydroboost brake system, PS pump, wiper motors and arms, reservoir. I NO LONGER HAVE THESE PARTS

Turbonetics 91mm .96AR Ceramic BB T6 Turbo
MMR Custom Longtube Hotside Kit - Jethot coated
TiAL 60mm Wastegate
Heatshield Products LavaShield
AEM Boost Controller
PT2000 style W/A Intercooler Heat Exchanger system
Rule intercooler water pump 2 gallon alum reservoir
JGS 60mm Bypass Style BoV
5" to 4" SS exhaust reducer
4" Exhaust exits out the side of the front bumper
DEI heat wrap on hotside Y-piping exhaust pipe, but not headers
Custom 4" inlet piping to intercooler that is hidden under the dash- interior could be made to look 100% stock except for the cage.
Piping is painted silver clearcoated
5" to 4.5" Adapter on inlet side, K&N filter for street use
All boost lines are hardlined and coated

Aeromotive Eliminator return system -10 out -8 return
Aeromotive A1000 Regulator 1:1 Boost Reference
GP 100m pre-filter GP 10m post filter
GP -8 fuel cooler
Aeromotive Fuel Rails
10 gallon aluminum fuel cell
RC 75lb HI injectors
Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge
Aeromotive pump voltage controller

Rebuilt 4R70W
PATC hardened intermediate shaft
New Ford drum
New Blue high energy clutches
Shift-Kit Modified VB
PTC Custom 10" 2800 Torque Converter w/ anti-balloon plate

UPR K-Member
UPR Front Coilovers
UPR A-Arms
UPR C C Plates
BMR Solid Motor Mounts
UPR Pro-Extreme Series Double-Adjustable UCA, LCA
UPR Double Anti-Roll Bar w/ quick release for street driving
UPR 7075 Spherical Bushings and housing kit
Flaming River Manual Steering Rack
UPR Manual-MC Firewall Adapter Plate
FRPP 5.0 Master Cylinder
Lakewood 50/50s

Motive 4.10 Gears
FRPP 8.8 Bearing, Seal Kit Support

DE 8-pt Roll Cage
Wolfe Racecraft TTF Subframe connectors
Roush S3 Body Kit
Kaenen 6" Cowl Hood
MMR Rear Seat Delete Kit

Summit Battery Relocation Switch Kit
Summit Racing Seats Custom Brackets
Dark Smoked Headlights
SCT x3 Tuner
Several Crates of extra parts (worth over $800 new)

Nitto NT555R 315/35/17 Rears, 275/45/17 fronts
Black FR500 17x10.5" , 17x9"

Weld Racing 15x8 + 15x4 w/ BFG Drag Radials + MT Front Runners


If you have a serious inquiry on this, please let me know what information I can provide you with; video, pictures, etc.

This is pick-up only. You will need a trailer.


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Quote by ne14t
Try Racingjunk.com aswell

I did... I have it on about 16 different forums/classifieds... Craigslist... Everywhere.

People just don't have the money right now even if it is a crazy deal. Hell, if someone traded me a nice guitar and a halfstack and walked away with it for $10k, they could easily make considerable profit by parting the car out.

I missed out on multiple sales at $20k because a guy on another forum lead me on and screwed me over royally. The DAY he was supposed to pick the car up and pay me (when I was still in CT), he called me up and cut his offer in half, then posted what he haggled me down to. The lined up buyers didn't wait too long and spent their money elsewhere.

So, that's why I'm posting it here. I know there are some racing guys on here that might consider a good trade and we'll both walk away happy. I just ask that whoever buys it keeps me in the loop, and I will do the same.
Any offers? This is a good chance to pick up a $50,000+ vehicle for less than $15k. If anyone is ambitious enough, you could always buy it and part it out as an engine assembly, turbo kit, fuel system, and then roller and make serious profit... I have seen similar engines go for $17k USED on racing sites.

Again, I just figure that if someone has some nice gear to trade in towards the asking price it'd cut the price down to where a normal auto loan could take care of it...
woah dude kickass showed it to my elder bother he said that he'd have bought it in a blink of an eye if we lived in u.s sick man sick and 15000$ for guitars is a lot of money but for a car nahhhh its kickass
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btw are you sure that it aint stolen?
Peavey 6505 120W Head
Ibanez Rga32 (FOR SALE)
Laney Lv412a Cab(FOR SALE)
Soon To Get::
Boss DD20
Morley Bad Horsie II
Quote by deepsal
btw are you sure that it aint stolen?

What do you mean? I have the title in a filing cabinet next to me, and the car is in climate controlled storage, being checked on periodically by a very reputable speed shop.