I'm mostly an electric player, but I recently had an acoustic buzz. But my guitar dosnt sound right to me... it souds dead. It have that sounds that really old rusted string have, even tough i changed string two weeks ago. The sounds is flat, plain and boring. I was at the store yesterday and I tried a bunch of brand new first hand guitars. They all had the ''sparkle'' mine doesnt have.

Do you why?

BTW, the guitar I own is a Epiphone SQ-180, made in december 1891. Strings are Godin 12-52.
if it's humid where your guitar is, that will make it sound dull - the more humid, the duller it will sound. btw, most epiphones except their all solid masterbilts sound muffled and boxy to me, but perhaps different strings might help - dr rare phosphor bronze strings add a lot of excitement to tone. btw, godin guitars like seagulls and art & lutheries ship with d'addario light pb's on them, so maybe godin strings aren't the greatest.

i take it you mean 1981 - this isn't a reissue?
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No, I meant 1991. sorry.

I did tried some epiphones at the store, and they did sounded better than my old girl...
Try a different brand of strings. Martin, Di Addorio, Elixer Nano Acoustics... all have done well for me.
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