So I recorded a bunch of videos about 20~40 seconds each hah.
Give me negative and positive feedbacks even if you just go through one video hah.

Canon 6 String W/Tap

Jason Becker Altitudes Sweep < I messed up badly but yeah hah

Canon Rock Sweep Solo

I'm Alright Sweep Solo < The actual sweep is supposed to be more faster than the one in my video, and as you can see..My accuracy goes down by alot even at this speed hah

Canon 5 String Sweep < Another crap one

So anyways, just send some feedbacks

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It would seem you already have your own opinions on the quality of your playing seeing as you named your youtube channel: "whoahesgood".
don't spam videos here, post them in recordingsd - you've been here long enough to know the rules.
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