We are a metal band from Illinois. We have been together for quiet a while(me and the bassist started the band in 2003). The current line up came about in 2009, and that was when things started to pick up.

Anyway. I have posted here before a while ago. And I figured I'd give a little update.

We just posted 3 demo tracks(4 songs though). They are: "Day 10,909", "The Mechanosphere / Man In The Moon", and, "Who Am I?"

We are going to Chicago to record our first full length record this friday. We are really excited to step into a legit studio, rather than some dudes basement, like with our previous works hahaha.

Anyway, tell us what you think. We love to receive feedback.
We finished up in the studio and now are working on a mix.

We just got a copy of the 2nd mix yesterday, and we are pretty happy with it. The only thing we noticed is the leads are still a little quiet, but that's our fault. When we sent the studio our list for the first mix, we forgot to mention that.

Anyway. We posted one song from the 2nd mix. It's called "The Homeless Must Go"

Check it out and give us some feedback!

Cool stuff! I really enjoyed it, think it's really catchy, and there's good playing too. Great production too, which sounds really well done.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen and a like on Facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it