Phantomime! It's like System of a Down and Panic! at the Disco got wasted together, and then got freaky. When System woke up with a hangover the next morning realized its mistake and dipped out, leaving Panic with a love child. Instead of aborting the baby (My Chemical Romance) or leaving it in a dumpster (Venetia Fair) Panic decided to give it up for adoption, which led to it being raised by Captain Hook.

tl/dr; System/Panic! Alcohol, SEX! Captain Hook, the end.


There were times that I wondered if you guys were playing the same song as each other, but your audience seems to dig it.
I think you meant; "requires crystal meth to like this band".

Haha. Sorry, I'm just being a smart ass. It was interesting, just not my thing.
to each his own, thank you all for your input! if you like it, sweet! if you don't, o well.

all i ever ask of anyone is to give it a chance, whether it be my band, or another artist/band/musical group, etc, which you have.

now if anyone is a fan of vauldeville/circus shit, i HIGHLY recommend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-xNTCv1z6Y
Well, it's definitely not generic pop-punk.
I'm leaning towards liking it. I found the demo version and it sounds... well yeah, "interesting but not my thing". But yeah, you sound like you should have a good-sized fanbase by now.
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