the mix is actually painful. there's potential in the music but please... kill that lead tone with fire. get the high fizz out of the guitar.
I like the bass riff, but somehow the bass sounded slightly out of tune to me towards the beginning (maybe there is some chorus effect giving me that impression?). Vocals are pretty good. I like the dual vocals at ~4:05, and the ending. Some of the lead guitar tones are slightly ear-piercing, but I'm sensitive to that. Good song/recording overall. Please review my music at this link:

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the mix is actually painful. there's potential in the music but please... kill that lead tone with fire. get the high fizz out of the guitar.

Yeah, that was my problem with it too. This song is nowhere near finished by my standards but the hard drive with the original session crashed. I'd say it was about half mixed at this point but everyone insisted we needed to get something out on the internet. So, we took the best mix that we had and polished it with a little mastering. Not my best work but not my worst either.

Aaron, thanks for the feedback. Imma get right on that
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This is something good. Although it doesn't sound very proffessional, it is musically interesting. Reminds me of a mix og MFKR by Slipknot and all of Disturbed.
It has a creeping feeling to it, and I like it. The only thing that is slightly annoying is the VERY bright lead-guitar that comes at some points.

C4C, please?
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I thought the rhythm tone had too much fizz... then the lead came in, you really need to improve the production so the music can realise it's potential. Vocals sound decent though. Bass playing quite nice. There's plenty going here, it has potential, just think you need to work on a few things (well the production mainly).

This is what we call buttrawk. But genre aside, there is potential. The brain-traumatizing lead sounds like it was played through a Fender Frontman and recorded with a cheap PC mic. Re-do it and make it sound less like fail. The vocals have real potential, particularly in the stagnant field you've chosen to occupy. My advice to him is take the Vedder out of his mouth and home in on a more original style. I realize it's not as polished as you'd like, and I totally understand the desire to put material up for fans even though it isn't quite finished yet. We do it all the time. But at a certain point having a track up might be more damaging than if if there was nothing posted at all. Data data data, I cannot make bricks without clay. The vocal phrasing is off in some spots; at odds with the rest of the band. It might be disheartening, but it's probably worth your time to tear it down and start from scratch. If this was the pick of the litter. . . .drown the rest of them in a burlap sack.