Anybody, I am looking to build a low watt tube amp that has a great clean tone. Most of the amps i have researched on Youtube sound great but they are designed for more dirty tones and don't offer much in the way of clean head room or tone clarity. I dont want or need much more than a little break up if i am hitting the strings pretty hard. More like a classic Fender clean channel. Anyone know of any schematics or kits, or mods to any kits that might build out to the sound i want. I am thinking that 4-8 watts would be plenty loud for my purpose. Thanks
low watt and clean tone are pretty mutually exclusive.
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I think that you could buy a Champ 600 then change the tubes. But as AcousticMirror said, you should go for a little bit bigger if you what clean tones.
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I've heard awesome cleans from the old Fender Champ amps, but that's on a very low volume. If you want an amp for superb clean at a volume equivalent to a dirty amp at 4-8 watts, you're probably going to need to start looking at 15-20+ watts.
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