I was wondering if a Hart Dynamics studio master drum kit is a good kit and will it work with a Roland td-5 drum module? I'm new to electronic drums so any help will be appreciated. Thank you
wow, a td5? that's really old - it was replaced by the td6, which has also been replaced. your best bet would to be to contact hart and ask if it will work. they work with the td6, but the 5 is a generation before it. the usual edrum wisdom is to buy the best module you can afford and build your kit around it - upgrading a kit piece by piece is easy. i built mine that way.

btw, the kit you're talking about is quite pricy - you could get a roland, one of these
and have plenty of change left over to add a couple things like an amp and maybe a vh-11. or you could go used and get more bang for your buck.

the thing about hart is you might like their stuff or you might not. i didn't care for the acupads - they seemed clunky and had more acoustic noise than my pintechs. and i didn't like playing the hart cymbals anywhere near as much as yamaha or rolands. have you had a chance to go to a local music store and try some ekits?

btw, sent you a pm.
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