Yes folks. I finally got a 6er that's not an old Ibanez. I grabbed this H-401 on Kijiji for pretty cheap and I love it! I actually really love the neck on it. It's more of a nice handful. The top on this is beautiful but theres' a couple tiny faults I can see. A friend of mine told me that the Indonesian (401's) can't even touch the older Korean (400's). I beg to differ. This thing plays amazing for the price and it's a looker too. The Duncan Custom 5 in the bridge would be an awesome pickup for rock stuff, but I'm going to need something a bit more my taste. I have some pickups for this on the way. the Jazz in the neck is actually a pretty nice pickup though. If I was putting another Seymour in the bridge it would be staying, but I don't know if it would mix well with what's going in here.

Sorry guys, but I only have on pic for now. I'll take some more tomorrow.

Oh yeah..... I got an Ibanez too.
MIJ RG470 w/Seymour Duncans. Another cheap Kijiji score.

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They both look really nice, actually.

Orange is such an epic color for guitar.

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Really nice guitars, but did you have to jizz on the Ibby?!?
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the fretboard on that ibby looks awesome.

congrats on both guitars.
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Can you tell us more about the LTD? It looks friggin sweet! What kind of sound come out of this thing? The looks remind me of a PRS and I sort of want to get one?

Are these not made anymore? I'm looking online and can't find one (I want).

If they're called something else now - can someone let me know.
Thanks guys!

cbara, what do you want to know? I don't believe they make this exact model anymore and I'd say that with these stock pickups in here (custom 5 and jazz) your getting a sound mostly suited for rock. But you can get away with playing basically anything you want due to the coil split options and the pickups versatility.

I actually threw the Ibanez up for sale or trade today on ss.org. In case any of you are interested
Link: http://www.sevenstring.org/forum/guitars-sale-trade-wanted/172663-ft-mij-ibanez-rg.html