I was hoping a few of you would ring in on this Dean Acoustic Electric..: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/dean-exotica-left-handed-bubinga-acoustic-electric-guitar-w-aphex/h73791000001000

This was just released, it is left handed, and until Tuesday night, it can be bought for $425.00! (Musician's Friend is having a sale).

OK, I know it's probably plywood, (OK, more than probably), but the bubinga wood is attractive enough, and there are so few off the rack lefties made from woods other than spruce and mahogany.

As one would expect, Dean is claiming great things from the onboard electronics.

There are many fewer reviews on Dean acoustics than the Ibanez equjivalents, and what reviews there are, are a bit mixed.

Anybody want to ring in on this?
this is an all plywood guitar, and i've tried a number of dean exoticas - they're muffled and quiet when unplugged, electronics are okay but nothing special. seems quite overpriced to me since it's a cheaper wood with an exotic veneer. the reason you don't see woods like this on good guitar tops is because they are not woods that actually work as tops - the exotica veneers are hardwoods. most top woods that are affordable are spruce, mahogany and cedar.

you can see topwoods here on a guitar maker supply website

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Thanks for the feedback!

BTW, fascinating link too!
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