My band got one of our songs onto the new metal hammer magazine CD (Global Metal). We're a heavy rock/metal band from Malaysia and we're all still quite young (I'm about sixteen), so we're keen to know what he have to work on, and what we need to improve ourselves. As often as it's said, we REALLY have dreams about touring the world one day, as I'm sure most of the people on this site do as well, so... yea... please listen


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Hope this gets a few views :P
Wow man, this is an awesome track!! I loved it, well done to you guys... If I had one tiny criticism (and this could just be personal tastes), it may've dragged on a bit long in the last 20 ish seconds... But as I said, thats probably just me... Never the less, you guys can write a pretty darn sweet song!!
OH HELL YEAH!! Only about 30 seconds into it and already diggin the hell out of this song!!!!!