Tuned my acoustic guitar a full step down. Fun song suggestions/ favorites to play when in this tuning?
Why? We've had this discussion before.... Owners of vintage instruments often tune the thing down 1\2 step for safety, then capo to bring the thing up to concert pitch. Likewise owners of 12-strings that may not be robustly constructed.

There's a point of diminishing returns... You need a certain amount of string energy and tension to make an acoustic guitar "work". You also may experience string buzz, especially on the lower strings unless you adjust the action.

It's true that numbers of open tunings (like G" ) detune many of the strings, but some are left at full tension. Also, most guitars set up for such tunings have the action raised a bit, especially if one plays slide.

As to songs.... If you like the sound of the instrument, then just realize that when you play a tune in the key of "C", for instance, it's actually sounding in B-flat.
You can play some Good Charlotte songs.
Beautiful Place, Misery, The river. But you can play everything really, it will just sound different.
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Tuned my acoustic guitar a full step down. Fun song suggestions/ favorites to play when in this tuning?
Tuning a guitar down to D to D is normally something that is down to accommodate the vocalist.

Unless the singer is a true tenor, the "G" on the high "E" String creates problems.

The best example of this I can think of is The Beatles, "Yesterday". At the very end of the song, Paul sings an arpeggio from the top of, (what would normally be), a G open chord. His voice most likely wouldn't sound as good singing the "G" above middle C. So, he sings the "F" instead.

Other than this use, tuning a guitar down really creates more problems than it solves. If you think about it, a guitar is designed and braced to resonate best at "E" to "E".

Couple this with the fact if you decide to capo up to standard tuning, the position markers are no longer where they should be, and with an acoustic, (no cutaway), you run out of neck a lot sooner.

I tune 12 strings "D" to "D", but that's just to prevent the neck and sound board from damage.
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