the blue collocation principles:<br />
In all colors, blue dress is basically the most & other color collocation. Whether similar to the blue or black, dark blue, simpler collocation, &, blue is tightening of figure of effect, is very beautiful.<br />
Vivid red blue collocation, make the person is charming, good-looking, but ought to pay attention to wholesale Burberry jewelry LanGong proportion.<br />
Approximate black blue fit coat, with white shirts, then fasten the tie, attend some formal occasions, can make the person is mysterious & do not break romantic. Curve bright blue coat & the blue skirt collocation & knee, again with white shirt, white socks, white shoes ornament, will give a lightsome enchanting breath.<br />
Wearing blue coat & blue vest, down with pinstripe grey pants, presents a simple but elegant style. Because of the narrow pinstripes, popular with strong contrast between blue grey, add elegant temperament.<br />
Blue coat with grey plait skirt, is a slightly conservative combination, but this combination match again with beautiful Burgundy shirts & socks, revealing a self individuality, so as to become & lively rise.<br />
Blue & light purple with wu, give a person a kind of delicate feeling. Blue wholesale Gucci Handbags dress with white shirt is a ordinary dress up. In the event you can put on an elegant lavender tiny coat, will smooth add a couple of minutes of mature urban flavor. Wearing light wholesale Hermes Handbags purple sweater, down with narrow skirt, even if there is no dark Hermes Handbags AAA for sale blue fancy pattern, may also be in nature of the YunWeiEr reveals the mature.