brown collocation principles:<br />
Brown & white collocation, give a person a kind of pure feeling. Golden brown & the knee round skirt & large shirt is tie-in, can reflect short skirt of glamour, add elegant breath. Pick the chestnut color fabrics keep simple but elegant coat do, match with red sweater, red scarf, vivid, good-looking & clinking.<br />
Brown sweater with brown trousers of grid, can reflect refined & mature. Brown sweater with thick brown cotton dress, through the simple sense of both, show the differences in the special character.<br />
Compared wholesale Coach Wallet AAA with discount Ed Hardy Handbags white, cream-colored much a couple of minutes warm meaning with elegance, no exaggeration; Compared with black, cream-colored pure softness, not dignified. In the pursuit of simple but the stylish tide of heavy & complicated, cream-colored with its pure elegant breath & rigorous modern workplace atmosphere are identical with each other. Will any a kind of color to wear out the best effect, all need to pay attention to match, cream-colored is no exception.