I was wondering how to o this technique
--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_-W36goLzc @ 1:35
-->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OWHDDWASXE @ 0:25 (and every chorus :S)
--> like a whole bunch of steve vai songs that i cant think of!

TBH, i actually have a fixed bridge so knowing how to do this is useless to me.. however whenever i borrow a guitar with trem or floating bridge i will try it instantly. anyone know how to do it? ITS SO COOL! oh also, if you guys know how to do any other cool sounding niblets like this, i'd love to know them. however musical or non musical they are
I think it's usually called flutter and is achieved by whacking the tremolo bar lightly so it vibrates a bit.
Ok cool thanks is there a way this can be achieved, or something similar, without trem?
Maybe a very fast vibrato pedal or something. The thing is, though, that with the bar, the pitch starts out by fluctuating a bit, and then it fluctuates less and less until it stops. I think it's hard doing that with a pedal.
I'm not aware of a pedal that does this, but a floating trem will do the trick. Not all trems can do flutter though.
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but a floating trem will do the trick. Not all trems can do flutter though.

this, it actually HAS to be floating.

its the trem bouncing back and forth between sharp and flat and slowly resting at the 0 point(?) that gives the effect. if its not floating it wont work.

it also has to be pretty loose, a floating fender style trem probably wont work very well.
Thanks guys, i asked a guy with a floating trem in my course also and he just showed me, said it was pretty easy! But you.re right, no way could i imitate this with a pedal. Oh well, i suppose just a reason to look forward to my next guitar! (whenever that may be)