I'm fairly new to using a Strat and I just wanted to know if using the tremolo spring was important or if it prevented damage to the tremolo in any way. Could someone tell me why I should or shouldn't worry about using it ( and maybe how to properly insert it)? Thanks!
which spring are you referring to? the little one inside the slot that you screw the tremolo bar into?

that's not really that important, if you have it in there the tremolo bar sits tightly in the threads so when you rotate it into a different position it'll stay there, whereas without it the bar will hang down so you'll have to reach and grab it, and it'll fall back down when you let go. most people seem to take out/lose the spring and use it like that.

it's a matter of preference really. the only way you can damage it by not using the spring is if you force the arm right into the base of the threads and keep on turning it.
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