Hi all,

After changing the humbuckers on my RG350DX (and removing the single coil) I'm left with the problem of both humbuckers always being selected, no matter what postion the switch is in. The switch itself is a 3 way blade type as after having the same problem with the stock 5 way I thought this may solve it.

I've followed the correct wiring diagrams (seymour duncan), the ibanez diagrams, and a few third party ones but i still have the same problem. Is it a faulty part? One of the humbuckers was second hand but I didn't have any problems with it until I changed the neck pickup (which is new). Both are 4-wire humbuckers.

Any help would be much appreciated as I have absolutley no clue on how to solve the issue.
It definitely sounds like you've made an error somewhere in the wiring when fitting the new pickups. If you aren't sure how to resolve it, the best suggestion is to take it to your local guitar shop and let them look at it for you - if you try doing too much without the knowledge of what you're doing you may end up causing more problems the harder you try to fix it.
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