Looking to get a tyler variax for my function band so need to move some stuff to finance, so selling my 2 Tone Sunburst Fender Classic Player 50's Strat. This is a 2006 model from the original launch run of these custom shop designed Mexican strats. Regarded as the best instruments the Mexican factory has produced the classic player series offer near U.S. quality instruments at a fraction of the cost. The 50’s model includes custom shop designed v shape neck, custom shop 57 pickups, custom shop 2 point trem and custom shop designed vintage styled locking tuners.

I’ve owned the guitar around 6 months and love it, it's currently set up with 10's and a wound G string and is awesome for playing rock n' roll and the like. Neck is very similar to my old baja and will definitely be back on my purchase list in the future.

The guitar is in good condition, zero fret wear and no damage to neck at all, there are a couple of small dings to the body but nothing that goes through the finish and certainly nothing that affects playability. The guitar has had the pickguard replaced with an aged cover for a more consistent look but the original is included with the sale, and the gig bag has been replaced with a gator hard case which has an official fender logo. The guitar has the 60th anniversary button on rear of headstock and fender custom shop branded parts.

£375 collected from Shawlands area of Glasgow or £400 shipped

A review can be found here http://www.musicradar.com/gear/all/guitars/electric/6-string-solid-body/classic-player-50s-stratocaster-19651/review and you’re welcome to try before purchase. I'll upload pics when I get a chance to take them.