i have a line6 am4, dl4, and korg pitchblack+ that i'm wanting to sell. its to fund me getting a podhd 500.

this thing is actually really amazing. you can use it as a flexible tone stack, or an overdrive (or even a heavy distortion) footpedal.

a very very diverse delay.does not have much use at all, mostly just use it to noodle around at my home.

korg pb02 (pitchblack+):
the main thing to know about this is that it has .1 cent accuracy. thats just as accurate as the petersons and it really is that precise. the other cool feature is the 2 different tuning presets, so you can have one setup for say, open c tuning, and one for standard. there are also chromatic and strobe modes and relative tuning frequencies you can switch.


there is absolutely nothing wrong with these pedals. they function just like they did when they come out the box. however, i really need to use a pod for playing live, because i can't bring my amp with me, so i HAVE to get rid of these pedals to afford the pod. i really don't want to do it, but i honestly have to.

i want to sell these all as a package deal for 230$. i pay for shipping and everything.