Long story short, back in July while on my way to New Zealand, my cousin gave me a list of singers/bands to check out. I found the list yesterday and checked out a lot of stuff.
One song he told me to check out was 'America!', by Bill Callahan, and I'm *certain* I've heard it very recently.
Considering the album is only a few months old, can anyone tell me where I might have heard this before?
I've tried googling, but can't find anything..
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Probably on the radio or on youtube.

I only listen to one radio station that might play it, and they don't have it on their playlists anywhere
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I would wiki his name and see what pops up. Usually if an artist has a song in a movie or something they will mention it. If that doesn't work see if he has an IMDB page.

That was my plan, and I did, but he's pretty 'indie', so naturally there's not too much info on his Wiki page.

Likewise, Googling the name of the song and the words 'commercial' 'tv' or 'movie' don't work either.