So I've used an 2.1 creative a300 speakers so far, but i decided to my stereo speakers from my stereo system.
My only option is to put both speakers ahead of me pretty much straightforward with one of the with a very slight angle.(i dont have space to put them behind me or some kind of that)
As far as i know my only option is to make 2 of the speakers "eft\right" speakers, and the other two as a center speaker, here i came to a problem:
the "center" speakers is only one line, that is, its mono so it can only operate one speaker,so the forth speakers is dead.
if you know some kind of a program that can make that problem solved("center" stereo option) or any other configuration that you can advice please do.

FYI, my other speakers are these:http://pics.qxlstatic.dk/12_652938922_450/hi-fi--surround/aiwa-nsx-r10-multi-anlaeg.jpg
And I'm using the Realtek HD audio manager program.