So this isn't all too recent, but I've just recently been hearing about it.

These chips that will supposedly be introduced soon, that you will be identified with, used to buy and sell things, etc.
Now my dad knows I am an atheist - and he's been researching this kind of sh*t lately, trying to convince me that the new world order is coming, and of course a couple hours on how the bible is the truth.
"See? The bible predicted this all along, the mark that everyone will need to buy and sell things with. They couldn't have known that back in those times."
I never know how to argue with the guy, I mean what could I say to that?

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There is meant to be an apocalypse almost every day..

People should spend their spare time not trying to come up with some ridiculous reason for an upcoming apocalypse.
That video's 4 years old, I remember this story when it first popped up. I've not heard anything about it since. It's not going to happen any time soon.
Is it still a God Complex if I really am God?

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My dogs are chipped. Does that make them hellhounds?
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Tell him that the prediction is so vague that A) it could mean anything, and B) given enough time any prediction would come true.
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Must be a sign of an apocalypse.


Don't get me wrong, I think it's ridiculous too.
You can see my frustration though... him thinking his bible predictions are coming true plus my father is a stuuuborn man..