I spent awhile googling this and didnt have much luck. I need a wiring diagram for the following setup.

Bridge pickup - P-rails shpr-2

Middle pickup- "Cool rails for strat".

2 push pull Tone pots (5k)

1 "3 way" switch

1 master volume (with a capacitor for treble bypass.)

1 standard output jack.

i googled the hell out of this and got some allmost similar ish stuff but it wasnt what i was loking for. thanks =D
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first off, whats the neck pickup

second and more importantly what are the push pull pots for

which pickups do you want tone control for?

thats important info. i ASSUME its to split the p rail and cool rail, and im gonna put the tones for both those as well, none for the neck.

and 3 way switch will only select each pickup, no mixing more than one pickup

ill have it drawn up as ive listed in a minute
ok, mid tone splits middle pup
bridge tone splits bridge pup
neck has no tone
master vol
3 way switch strat style

remember to ground all pots together, and ground the bridge. i didnt show the output, just labeled the wire to the lead