I've recorded my newest record with guitar video called Another End Of Summer.
I wanted to do something other that I do normally. Guitars are background to keyboards.

Recorded on Toneport UX 1
Guitar; left-handed, 7 string Schecter Hellraiser Special C-7

I've recording sound and video at one take so there were no further corrections in the lead guitar track
I've only added some delay, reverb and did some things with EQ and overall mix.

So here it is:

Feel free to leave comments and opinion here and on YT.
I'll check your record if you check mine.
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Sounded killer, man. Very well done.

You should do something for the UG Post-Rock album.
Trippy organ! I like the human chorus (?) sound. Guitar has a lot of treble (especially on the intro), but maybe you did that so it could be heard better? Melody is a bit odd at ~2:00 (guitar is OK, it's the strings), but otherwise I like the melodies, especially at around 3:15 (I like that piano). Sounds quite good overall! Please review my music at this link:

I really like the chord structure at the beginning, something 65daysofstatic would use. THe organ bit really adds a very atmospheric texture to the song, with an epic-ish vibe.
The part 1:20 onwards gives the song a lot of release, opening out the listener's mind.
Around 2:00 the chording goes very progressive. I dont think i've heard this kinda sound before.
After that, i really like the piano part. Supplements the guitar that moves off centre stage. The guitar tone is kinda power metal/early manowar-type.
I like the song. If it was on an album, this would be the perfect fit between two catchy post-rock singles, but i'd be more inclined to call it progressive instrumental rock.

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