Im trying to get better at improvising (an area in which I currently suck) are there any methods you could use to get better at it, tips for imrovising etc
The more familiar you are with your instrument and the way music functions, the easier improv becomes
What MyShadow says is correct. Being a good improviser isn't about learning licks. It's about the ability to think of musical ideas and then express them.

So start working on your ear. Practice - but make sure you're thinking. A lot of people improvise by letting their fingers think for them - they rely on muscle memory and their soloing gets very repetitive.
Learn major/minor scales and positions. Combine them with good technique and ear training then find a decent backing track to jam to.

Try this one. It's helped me a lot, a long with a few other tracks in different keys.


Also, make sure you try different keys as well. Don't limit yourself to one key.


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i started just using major pentatonic scale,took me ages to think outside that scale but i just noodle and try diff notes or skip strings etc,i find i improvise well under pressure,i often come up with great stuff while recording,esp when trying to make a solo for a riff ive made,if u have the time i would learn more scales,i think i am playing alot of diff scales without even knowing it,it works for me,have fun!