Hey all,
I have a friend who looked at my bass and commented that the wood was "thirsty" because it has white lines in the grain of the wood. He said i should condition the wood with a light bit of lemon juice. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this or has done it themselves. The bass is an Epiphone EB-0, with a rosewood fretboard. Thanks in advance

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You want lemon oil, not lemon juice. It cleans and moisturises your fretboard.

I use linseed oil to be honest.

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just did it, links in the edit.

but if we're really going down this road...

is the fingerboard sealed? meaning is it bare wood or a clear layer over it? if its bare wood you could buy some lemon oil from a local music store. if its sealed then you can use whatever you want, as long as its not too acidic. either way i guess picking up a conditioner from a local music store will work. linseed oil can be combustible when left on a balled up rag. also, make sure you clean off the excess.

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Thanks all. And i did search it a few different ways but nothing came up

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Check out Dunlop, they have a new conditioner kit that works better (IMO) than the old lemon oil.
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Lol lemon juice, as stated before you want lemon oil and not lemon juice. You don't want to overdo the lemon oil thing, but you do want to treat it with a little.

Theres a guitar polish called Dr. Ducks Axwax, it has a bit of lemon oil in the solution and is a great solution for overall cleaning and maintenance of your guitar, and is guaranteed not to harm any of the wood. Check it out.
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I had an EB-0, It's got a regular unfinished board if I remember, Lemon oil is good, I have this fender neck juice stuff my dad bought, works for me, I just dab a little and go over each little bit getting the gunk out and letting it soak in then once I go about 3-4 frets wipe it back down. Also, You might want to take your strings off, which leads to what strings do you have and now might be a good time to get some new good strings.