I always... since the first time i saw them.. HATED tele's... but recently for about a month now...Iv really dreamed of getting a tele, i guess i could spend up to 300$ for a used one.( not a cent more)

But I have no idea on what to look for regarding these axes. But one thing i want is for it to be 'wood color' not plastic white,blue,red or w/e.

Do I have any choices? I guess this would be my classic rock/blues guitar, currently on a Epi LP Standard.
Squier Classic Vibe Telewith a grain that makes American Tele's blush.
(There is actually a very visible grain on the white one as well, it just doesn't show up as well in the photos)
New, it's a little overbudget, but used you could probably find one south of $300.
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You could probably find a used MIM tele with a sunburst design for around $300 if you're patient and watch ebay/local listings as well. I'm really happy with mine.
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