Well right now im using a Cort M200 that I bought for myself about 5 years ago in highschool when I worked at Mcdonalds.

Ive been playing quite a bit latlely and im looking to upgrade. I like to play punk rock and lately ive been playing a shitload of Megadeth and Metallica. I have no idea what I should get though any sugestions?
Lots of good Ibanezes and Schecters in that range, but the Ibanezes would need a pickup swap for maximum efficiency. What amp are you using?
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I have a Kustom tube amp (i think) don't know the model type as it's not with me right now. Im using some old ass Peavy Backstager from the 70s at the moment but I have a distortion pedal so it's decent. I bought the Kustom with the Cort and I don't think I paid anymore then $250 for it so im not sure if I should upgrade or not.

Maybe in total I would spend about $1000 for a new Guitar and Amp.
Get a LP type
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Try one of the PRS SE models. IMO they have much better QC than comparably priced Epis, but the necks are really a love/hate type of thing.
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look at esp and jackson, especialy for the metallica/megadeth stuff, but the necks may be too thin but i also play a cort and my neck is ibanez thin so if yours is the same you should be used to it