K, So i'm basically looking for anybody who might be in the mood to make an online metalcore band. I'm the screamer so im looking for a couple of guitarists, a drummer, a bassist, and maybe a keyboard player? It depends on what the other people who get on board with this want. Oh and maybe a singer.
Well, it kinda depends if you mean the generic metalcore stuff or something more interesting.
If you meant something more interesting then I'd be interested, I'm a guitarist.
if you got msn or skype my email is jiziason@live.fi
I have no idea what they sound like, I prefer BFMV.
Oh well, good luck with your quest, good sir.
I'll do guitar. I'm not a huge fan of those bands but I do like a lot of metalcore bands. I'd probably go for a bit more of a progressive sound to it than just generica though.

Look at my channel for examples of my recording capabilities and previous works if you want!

Also, things would run a lot smoother if we talked over an instant messanger like skype or msn. If you have either, send me a private message with your email and I'll add ya!
I'd be interested man. I play guitar and can get some pretty good quality recordings when mixed right. I've been playing for around 4 years and can play rhythm as well as some lead (like most metalcore solos/lead sections, just no really shreddy type stuff). Influences include BFMV, Unearth, Trivium, Parkway Drive, etc. I also play 7 strings. For some examples of my playing and recording quality, check here:
Just hit me up in this thread or PM me if youre interested!
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