Hey UG!

A year from now, I will be studying in London. I want to be a Live & Studio Audio Engineer so I decided to go to SAE which I'm reading some pretty good stuff about. What do you think about SAE?

Also, what software can I use to prepare myself? I've only used garageband.

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I went to the Atlanta campus, and if it's anything like that, they'll teach you everything. Start with whatever you want, but they'll start you from the very basics (like garageband) and go all the way up.

I loved the place, although with the state of the industry, if you're not in it 100% you wont get anywhere and it will be a waste of money. Schools like the teach you in a short amount of time what it takes some people a lifetime to learn on their own, so they're great in that sense, but they DON'T guarantee you a job or even that you'll come out of there being a half decent engineer. It's all about what you put into it and how motivated you are.