I want to make a guitar with three humbuckers. EMG's to be specific. I love there new quick wiring thing and was wondering if its possible to do 3 humbuckers. Thanks!
You can indeed have 3 humbuckers! I've not tried a guitar with such as they aren't popular, though I don't know the reason for it.
Look up the Les Paul Black Beauty - 3 humbuckers. There might be a diagram floating around for it.
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the reason why there aren't many 3 humbucker guitars is because too much pull from the magnets will kill sustain. if you're using actives then that isn't a problem as they have weaker magnets.
OK put 3 dimarzios humbuckers in an RG I did I love it! Just wire it up like hum-sig-hum, that's what I did and it works great, the sustain sucks tho as previously stated
Yes, you can put 3 humbuckers in a guitar. EMG has alot of wiring diagrams on their website, so I think I would start by looking there. The company's website is ALWAYS the best place to start when you have questions about their product.