I swapped my SH-1n for a SH-2n in my MH-1000. Now I'm hearing the the clacking noise from my switch right through my amp. I re wired it exactly like it was before with the SH-1n. There is a 5way switch in this. I'm guessing it's just a stiff switch and it's vibrating the strings. Cause if I mute the strings, the "knock" noise is quieter.

I haven't used the split option before. Now that I tried it, it seems quieter than the humbucking mode. Is this normal? Also the neck seems quieter than my TB-4 as well.

Is there any easy way to tell if the pickup is damaged?

On the off note. Where the heck can I find a TB-5 pickup in Canada? With out waiting 5 months? There are some American dealers ship to Canada. However, I'll lose the warranty.
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