Hey guys, I was looking at three PRS guitars and was wondering which one looked the best. Its hard desiding with colors and shapes and techs. Here's the links:

PRS SE Custom 24: http://www.guitarcenter.com/PRS-SE-Custom-24-Electric-Guitar-H70029-i1697793.gc?esid=PRS+SE+custom+24

PRS SE Singlecut:

PRS SE Zach Myers:

Whichever one looks and plays and sounds best to you? My opinion doesn't mean squat here.
I'm not going to be the one to wonder why you're asking about looks and not sound/playability.....The Custom looks the best to me.
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looks are an important factor in choosing a new guitar. all part of how you relate to it.

personally i went through the same decision last year and and chose the custom, but then that was the right choice for me.
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I've already played them except for the Zach Myers. They all sound great (they should for the price) but i was wondering what you thought
In order:
Se Singlecut
Custom 24
Zach myers.

Not basing this off of much, ive only played the Zac Myers and it was okay, just didnt like the inlay and hhh setup.